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Marriage Resources: 

Marriage is a foundational pillar in our society, it is more than just a physical bond- it is a spiritual one that takes effort to develop and maintain.  Marriage is God designed and successful marriages have God at their center. 

I hope these resources will serve you and your marriage will grow stronger and be everything you hoped and dreamed! 



1. Great resource for marriages-especially those that are struggling and contemplating divorce.  


The Love Dare is a 40 day journey of exploration and challenge.


Fireproof is a movie based off the Love Dare book and is worthy of viewing.  


I've personally done the Love Dare challenge twice over the course of my marriage and it never fails to reveal insight! Highly recommend both!    


More information can be found here


2. Absolutely love this study- Two Becoming One.  Vital to understand the purpose of marriage and how you can move your marriage from a place of performance into the freedom of faith! 


 Checkout this video to learn more:

3. Love, love, love this website!

Wonderful resources can be found here to help your marriage thrive!  From sex, finances, conflict resolution, hardships, etc.


Plus awesome opportunities for marriage conferences and retreats.


 Great  marriages don't just happen-

they take work and investment!   

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