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Living a Life of Freedom

Imagine for a moment you are inside a glass orb – an adult-sized snow globe but, you aren’t in this space alone. No, you are in the very presence of God.

Standing face-to-face- being pulled together like a magnet. Almost touching. Almost.

Your heart begins to race, your breath catches, and you feel like you are enveloped in a warm soft cocoon.

Your eyes are locked in an embrace and the surrounding world blurs. You briefly see out the corner of your eye, a symphony of color and movement that swirls around you- yet holds no interest.

What is going on outside that thin layer of glass simply doesn’t matter- the chaos, distraction, violence, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety fade because IT DOESN'T MATTER. It holds no lasting eternity.

Because you are in the very presence of truth. Truth became reality, crystal-clear in living color.

The truth standing before you is the triune God- who is above you, with you, and in you. The one that is your creator and beloved.

You are standing intimately close to the one that loves you with an immeasurable love - a love that is the very essence of purity. A love that speaks to the core of your soul and you have never experienced anything that compares!

At that moment, you hear the Lord singing over you and whispering that you were created for Him to love you and for you to love Him. A love song that beautifully vocalizes His passion for you- YOU ARE THE OBJECT OF HIS DESIRE.

Love radiates from Him, and you do not doubt that He delights in you. His love is unconditional, and your soul knows that you are fully accepted and that nothing can separate you from this love.

Tears spring to your eyes as you become overwhelmed by the magnitude of His love for you.

You are loved. You are cherished. You are safe. You are complete. You lack nothing.

No shame. No regret. No fear. No condemnation.

Only peace- joy- contentment -freedom.

Everything else fades away into oblivion.


Now, back to reality.

Do you realize you are still there NOW- in His presence?

Standing face-to-face with Him. He is still singing over you and delighting in you- because He created you and knows you even better than you know yourself.

This is what Jesus meant when he said, “I have come to give them life- life to the fullest.”

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

Many Christians, fail to understand the significance of this truth. That Jesus is not only the savior of our eternal souls- He brings the freedom and fullness of life HERE & NOW.

The catch is we must allow Him to be our LORD- not just our Savior. We can pray the prayer of salvation and our eternity will be secure and still spend the rest of our lives struggling. Lives that seem hollow and meaningless. Lives are spent trying to fill the void in our hearts. Lives that are filled with worry, fear, and anxiety.

Friends, that is not an abundant life and no amount of money, possessions, accomplishments, friends, families, activities or even good works can provide it.

To have the freedom of fullness and abundance, Jesus must be our Lord. Meaning, He is to be our leader & our everything. To choose to be so intimately close to God that we want to live with Him as our passion and priority. He becomes FIRST over everything-- ourselves, over our spouse, children, family, money, and job…….

To fully embrace and allow the Lord to take the lead means we are in full surrender. Laying everything down and trusting in the one that holds today, tomorrow, and eternity in His hands.

This is truth- This is freedom. This can be now.

Life is like that snow globe- you get to choose who and what is on the inside with you, and you get to choose your focus. You can do life alone and you can elect to focus on all the things that are outside that have no lasting value.

The choice is yours.

For me, I choose the Lord because I know there is only the warmth and sparkle of His love that shields and protects me from the chaos and destruction that hovers on the outside. When I abide in Him – I am untouchable and there is NOTHING like it!

I am free!

Ephesians 3:17-19

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