Noelle LeBlanc


November 22, 2019





A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.


Yes, I am taking a hiatus.  


That’s right… I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. 


It’s time.  


It is with awe and amazement that I consider I started writing this blog on July 30, 2016, and for three years, three months and 23 days, I've been releasing a blog article EVERY SINGLE WEEK, without fail, for a total of 175 articles published.  


Aside from regular habits of merely eating, breathing, sleeping, and living, I'm not sure I've ever done anything consistently without a pause for over three years straight!


There is no doubt- God’s fingerprints are all over this!  


It has been an honor and privilege to be a "pencil in God's hand," and I sincerely hope that I have inspired, intrigued, and maybe even imparted some wisdom in these writings.   




My greatest desire in this process has been to share God’s love and truth with the world.  I pray I have accomplished this even on a small scale, and God will one day tell me, "well done, my sweet girl."   


What I have learned along the way is that each week, God taught me something; He unlocked a truth that I needed to hear, process, and share. These writings were as much for me as they were for all those that received them.  




I’m at a crossroads right now and need to take some time to discover where God wants to lead me next.  Maybe it will be more writings in some shape or form- either in this blog or another venue. 


Only God knows.   


In the meantime, I will humble myself under the mighty hand of God and wait for Him to exalt me at the proper time. (1 Peter 5:6)


If my writings ever served you and you are willing, I ask that you please pray for me that I will be open to Christ’s promptings and brave enough to step out in faith in whatever way He chooses to use me. 


Until later... May God's love, peace and grace be upon you. 













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