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Let the Spark Ignite!

In the same way, the tongue is a small thing that makes grand speeches. But a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire. ~James 3:5

They say it only takes a tiny spark to incite a raging fire- a fire that can consume, burn and destroy or a fire that can warm the very soul, a warmth that invites those to come closer and seek comfort, healing, safety and provision.

The discovery of fire by early man was nothing short of epic- a discovery that forever changed the course of human history. I believe all would agree that the ability to control and use fire appropriately brings about not only a means of survival but also enjoyment. Interestingly, this life-changing discovery started with a single tiny spark.

So, why the pursuit of the spark?

For me, the concept of the spark came during a women’s conference I attended in early 2015. Words cannot adequately describe the passion these women exuded during the two-day event but, what was most impactful was the call to action at the conclusion. Each woman was called to retrieve a smooth, clean, white stone and then to write a single word that comes to mind upon its face- believing this word to be inspired from the Holy Spirit. The word that immediately leapt to my mind was “spark.” At the time, this unusual word didn’t hold any earth-shattering meaning to me. I simply wrote the word “spark” boldly in black marker and brought the stone home, placing it on my desk for safekeeping. Each time I noticed the stone, I would ponder what it in the world this strange word could possibly mean for my life.

A year and a half later, through an unusual chain of events, we were blessed to host two young teenage boys in our home for an evening. Without recounting the entire evening and the amazing testimony and life stories they shared, the “spark” reappeared and for the first time started to take form. These young men boldly prayed over my husband and I, praying that that our lives would be radically transformed for God. As the prayer concluded, the older boy humbly speaks up and shares that upon touching my hand for prayer he saw a vision ….a vision of me preaching to women. Honestly, my first reaction was “no way- not me! This must be a joke!” But the more he spoke and described the vision as "a fire-spreading to others” I became more intrigued. He then questioned whether this vision held any meaning to me and whether I’d ever thought of “sharing” God’s truth with women? In that moment, my mind instantly raced back to the conference held over a year before and the white stone that has the word “spark” written upon it; tears rushed to my eyes and a sense of wonder filled my heart.

One might say, this is all just a coincidence. For me, I can’t help but embrace the belief that God placed this word on my heart for a reason and He is prompting me to do something with it, to share it with others! To share the spark that can bring forth fire, that in the right hands can not only be safely spread to others but can also be passed down for future generations to benefit.

The importance of this first initial spark, the spark that sets in motion a fire that can be life changing is worthy of pursuing and discovering. It is my desire, that God will use this spark He placed within me to share to the world a positive message of His hope, healing, and power. To share that we can navigate this life walking in God’s truths, bold and “on fire” for Him and not burned by what this world falsely has to offer!

It is my prayer, that the messages contained within this blog, will spark a fiery passion within you to not only embrace your Creator but live life in such a way that you incite a fiery passion in others, blazing a legacy for Christ!

The Bible tells us in Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, let your light shine for all to see! For the glory of the Lord is shining upon you!”

May you discover and ignite the God given spark that is within you!

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