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Dirt to Diamonds

The dog days of summer.

Scorching hot days that have you running for the shade and seeking any means of cool relief.

I’m not a fan of these blazing days because they usually mean outdoor activities that require the dreaded BATHING SUIT.

It’s amazing how something so innocent can wreak havoc on my whole self-image and outlook, leaving me loathing myself and wanting to stay in the protection of my house away from prying eyes that I just know will be filled with judgment and ridicule.

These are the days I need to be reminded of my worth.

Reminded that I am:



A daughter of a Holy King

Proverbs 31:10 tells me, “She is worth far more than rubies.”

Hmm… what’s more valuable than rubies? Diamonds maybe?

It turns out the largest rough gem-quality diamond found to date is The Cullinan Diamond worth an estimated $400 million with The Hope Diamond coming in as a close second ranking at $350 million.

Now those are some hefty rocks!

I rather like the idea of being valued more than precious jewels; especially when you think about how these precious jewels came to become so prized.

Gems created in the depths of the earth and formed over time and intense pressure.

Feverishly sought after and mined to obtain them.

Covered in dirt with flaws and imperfections.

In the right hands of a master lapidarist, a dazzling precious jewel is uncovered!

I love this image because it is a great representation of our relationship with God. God formed us from the earth and with time, trials and pressures He can shape us into His deliberate creation. God zealously searches for us and finds us no matter where we may be or how deep in the mire we may have buried ourselves. He doesn’t mind that we may be covered in dirt and grime from past sins. He sees past any flaws and imperfections because He knows in His masterful hands He can take us right where we are and turn us into a stunning jewel that is worth more than any diamond or gemstone on this earth!

The best part... God is the one that does all the work! We just have to be willing to be found, willing to trust in Him to shape us and believe that we are of immeasurable worth!

The truth is that we are more valuable to God than anything else in all creation. Think about this- of all the diamonds the Lord has made and the price tag that they may command nothing compares to the value of you. Each one of us is one-of-a-kind as there is no one else in ALL of creation- throughout ALL of history that has YOUR unique eyes, fingerprints, DNA and even voice! We are 100% matchless, precious, priceless and treasured beyond measure by our loving creator!

We should never doubt or forget that we are unique masterpieces made and sought after by the God of the Universe who is willing to move all of heaven and earth for us!

Regardless of our carat, cut, color or clarity- in God’s eyes we are irreplaceable perfection, a jewel prized beyond measure.

Father thank you for your great love and devotion; that no height or depth or anything else in all of creation can separate us from your love. You are the master stonecutter, and in your hands, we can become the priceless treasure that you intended. We are perfect in your sight, help us, Lord, to trust and believe in this truth.

Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. (Ps. 34:5)

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