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The proclamation of the sale of the century- “Oh my goodness, you absolutely must check out this sale—designer shoes, going out of business, over $1,000 worth of fabulous shoes for only $199!!!”

Shout it from the rooftops! Tell all your girlfriends! Don’t delay!

Who doesn’t love a good sale?

The rush and heady feeling of exhilaration of getting a great deal and walking out of a store armed with bags of merchandise with your head held high feeling confident, joyful with a swagger to your step! Gets your heart racing, right?

I know that I can certainly relate with the excitement and exhilaration. But, if I’m honest, I also have to admit the feeling of euphoria is only temporary and as quickly as it came upon me it just as quickly vanishes. The novelty of the moment fades and those pairs of shoes that offered so much joy sit in the bottom of the closet and over time become an afterthought, go out of style or become so tattered and worn that they eventually end up either at Good-will or the trash can.

Here’s the thing…. Why is it so easy to be excited over a shoe sale (such a temporal thing) that we run rampant in spreading the “good news” that the phone calls, text messages, Facebook postings and conversations about it gush so effortlessly from our lips? So easy. Yet, we hesitate or don’t even speak the REAL good news of the gift of Christ/eternity with the same excitement, abandon, enthusiasm and urgency-WHY?

Shouldn’t the gift of Christ and eternal life be of way more value than a pair of shoes?

With shame, I must admit that I am completely guilty of this behavior. The bottom line is I have a heart condition. A condition that I’ve been ignoring or worse yet misdiagnosing for years! Scripture reminds us that:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:23

The fact that I can so easily share the news of temporal things yet, I hesitate to tell the news of Christ says it all- my heart is more aligned with the material things of this world than God.

I recently heard a description of heaven that I’ve never heard before and I absolutely must share. Pastor Jim White in his message “Your Final Name,” describes heaven in this manner,

“When the Bible talks about heaven and the worship that yes, will be ceaselessly woven in.. you know how it describes it? As a RAUCOUS PARTY!! A party where the furniture is pushed back and the carpet is rolled up and there is feasting and dancing and laughter! I once heard someone put it this way, he said that remember when it comes to heaven Jesus said, I’m going to go to prepare a place of absolute perfection, bliss and fulfillment for you. Ok, when Jesus said he was going to get to work on that project that was 2,000 years ago and this from the God who created Maui! Now I want you to think about this… heaven is handcrafted for us by the God who created Victoria Falls, the Swiss Alps, the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, the Aurora Borealis, the God who created sexual intimacy between a husband and wife, the laughter of a two year old child, the miracle of birth itself. Heaven is breathtaking beauty, never ending adventure, action, excitement and exploration. It is joining with God in His pursuits and exploits for all eternity with the God who holds the very cosmos together with a mere thought!”

Ok folks, you have to admit this picture of heaven is kick-in-the-teeth exciting! Who in their right mind would ever say “no thanks, I’ll pass?”

Would you really decline a party of this magnitude?

Partying isn’t your thing you say? OK, what free vacation to a breathtakingly beautiful destination filled with fun and adventure would you turn down? You wouldn’t, unless you are simply a fool!

So, it begs the question… Why aren’t we shouting this from the rooftops? Why are we not living a life with this vision in our hearts of what is to come? What is our heart condition- ignorance, fear, apathy, disbelief or are we all simply fools? Have we simply just accepted the lies that there is no heaven or worse yet that it isn’t a place we would want to go? Is this why we don’t talk about it with others?

Clearly, something is amiss because If you are like me, we tend to first place our joy in and effortlessly share only the temporal things of this world- revealing the true condition of our hearts.

Oh, WAKE UP! Smell the coffee!

Let’s get our butts in gear -- not for the sale of a lifetime but for the deal of eternity!!!

Let’s get serious about changing our hearts for what is truly of lasting value and to share it with our inner circle!

So the next time you effortlessly share a good deal with someone, stop and check your heart- have you shared the gift of heaven, the gift of Christ with this person?

Just what if, this heaven is true? Do you have your invitation? Would you trust a friend to share with you the truth of a great sale and at least go to the store and check it out for yourself? Why not this? Invitation can be found in the Book of John 3:1-21; fascinating exchange between Jesus and Nicodemus, highlighting heaven via the only valid invitation (John 3:16.) What do you stand to lose-- maybe the deal of eternity?

I’m praying for a new heart within me and I’m praying for a new heart within you. Hearts that won’t be afraid to share the good news of Christ with gusto and prayers for hearts receptive to Christ's invitation.

"Father, create in (us) a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within (us)." – Psalm 51:10

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