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The Tiny Spark Erupts

I have some exciting news.... I've leveled up and will be transitioning my "blog writings" to a weekly Podcast. You can still read along if that's what you prefer but, God has been calling me to be a "voice of hope" to others and to be a voice I believe I need to actually "use" my voice. Hence, this podcast has been born!

I hope that for those that have been faithful readers of my blog writings you will continue on this journey with me into the world of podcasting. It truly is my heart's desire to glorify God and share all the amazing things He continues to do in the world today.

So, you can check out the trailer at the link below or subscribe at Apple Podcast or Spotify by searching on "Gigi In Hawaii."

Stay tuned for the first episode - "Hawaii Bound- Making Life Changing Decisions with Confidence" will go live on Friday, March 29th.

May you be greatly blessed!

Noelle (Gigi)

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